A fire in your home or office can have devastating consequences. If you take some quick actions, you may reduce the damages or diffuse the fire in the first stage. Some precautionary measure like installation of fire alarm and a good quality fire sprinkler can save you and your property from potential fire damages and injuries.

Armed with more than 10 years experience, Laguna Beach 24/7 Flood Rescue is a household name when it comes to complete fire solution for both commercial and residential customers. We are a team of professionals well versed in the installation of wet, torrent and dry fire sprinklers.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

We design and develop sprinkler systems with the goal to make your life safer. To achieve this goal, we follow strict quality and safety standards. We audit each sprinkler during development, installation and post-installation to ensure that it is working properly and will deliver the expected results during a fire emergency. We are a licensed, and fully insured company to offer fire protection services. Even better, each of our technicians are NICET certified, and come with intensive experience in the industry.

Why Use Sprinklers?

Remember, when sprinklers are installed in your building, the risk for damages decreases in case of a potential fire because sprinklers lessen the fire concentration by quenching the flames in advance. Moreover, sprinklers can also constrain the damages inflicted by fire and smoke.

Custom Design Sprinklers

As the top fire sprinkler installation provider in Laguna Beach, we provide you complete consultation on any type of buildings, including new and old buildings. After carrying out survey of your building, we develop custom sprinklers that would perform excellently. Remember, custom designed sprinklers perform well because they respond faster to fire as compared to pre designed, commercial sprinklers.

We can even design sprinklers in colors of your preference and choice and connect residential fire sprinklers to the domestic water supply system. Remember, if you have a sprinkler installed in your home or office, your insurance premium rate can go down by 5 to 15 percent because you are meeting the safety code requirements.
Why Us?

We have groomed our experts to give you a complete solution, surpass your expectations and delight you with our services. Our pricing is highly competitive, and we always make sure that you get value for every dollar you invest in fire sprinklers. We go way out to keep fire away from your home and business; therefore, we are open 24/7 to take your call.

We are also proud to offer our valued customers full sprinkler system plans, and calculations, so you can get a steadfast system. Our team members are also highly skilled in flow tests and fire pump tests. Our sprinklers surpass a 95% fail-safe grade in lab trials.

If you landed here searching for residential or commercial fire sprinkler, you are in safe hands now. We take the concerns of our customers seriously and go way out to deliver them what they truly deserve. Whether you want to install a new fire sprinkler or want your existing sprinkler inspected or repaired, you can invest your trust in our services, knowledge and expertise. Contact us now to schedule a consultation or know more about our services. You can also give us a call at
(949) 415-5430.