We’re trusted, reliable and always there for our customers. We guarantee a professional water damage cleanup and direct insurance billing for easy claim filing procedures. We never skimp on helping customers receive the compensation they deserve and do our very best to provide cost-effective solutions!

Our water damage services are some of the best in the industry. We create a custom restoration plan for your home or commercial property according to the loss inspection we complete beforehand. Depending on how bad the damage may be, we take the necessary actions to complete any water damage cleanup procedure with care and efficiency.

Water Damage Services:

  • Cold water extraction removes standing water
  • In place drying is less intrusive and leaves carpet in place
  • Infrared inspection allows us to locate hidden water pockets to avoid mold formation
  • Sanitization cleans the area of any harmful bacteria before you re enter
  • Deodorization improves air quality and smell before we are completely finished
  • Final inspection and equipment monitoring to ensure everything is going according to plan

Trust Laguna Hills 24/7 Flood Rescue , and contact us when you need a reliable water damage cleanup company 24 hours a day 7 days a week